Top Bitcoin Trading sites Review – Singapore 2020!


Originally a shoestring endeavor with an unclear purpose, the blockchain technology has now transformed into a flourishing phenomenon carrying a truckload of benefits for many public domains. Starting with the so-called “serious” aspects such as finance and banking system and up to entertainment – blockchain has covered all of them with a fine digital cobweb and is definitely here to stay.
Just in case this B word makes your eyes round, there’s nothing to be confused about. The blockchain is a database that has no beginning and no end. It is a decentralized digital ledger, which keeps the records of all cryptocurrency transactions. The details of such transactions cannot be revealed to anyone, they are fully anonymous. Basically, the very fact of a transaction is open to the public; the rest is kept on the low.
Transparency is the major factor that defines cryptocurrency operations and blockchain as well. With the appearance of this ultimately new technology, banks and financial institutions saw it as a red flag, mainly because of the impossibility to track this type of monnaie. Virtual funds are literally untraceable, as every transaction comes in the form of ‘hash’ – a series of numbers that represent each side of a money operation. As seen, there are no names, no titles, and no personal details – just bare-naked digits.

The Impact of Blockchain on Gambling Community

Crypto casino, bitcoin casino, casino online… Needless to say, you have already come across these notions on the Internet. While everything seems to be all roses with the regular gaming platforms, things might be a bit confusing with the newly-fledged crypto spots. So, what does a bitcoin casino stand for and why does it make a difference? Let’s find out together.
Unlike the traditional virtual playgrounds, which support no other means of payments but fiat currencies, a crypto casino supports Bitcoin and its “forks,” also known as altcoins. Among the undeniable pros of the encrypted funds are the anonymity of deposits and withdrawals, the speed of transactions, and non-traceability. As to blockchain and its impact on the industry, any modern casino online tends to adopt this technology. Why, you may ask? First things first, blockchain casino is a provably fair casino. Provable fairness means that it is impossible to predict the outcome of a gaming round. The process is randomized to the extent that any player can verify the fairness of the draw at any given moment. No wonder, any bitcoin casino seeks to embellish its looks with the heart-melting inscription “provably fair games only.”
Still, before you rush into betting and gambling at a casino online, here’s a point to consider. How does one know for sure if a blockchain casino is worth a shot or not? The answer could not be simpler – read a casino review. Take it as a habit and check out every new playground before risking your e-coins.

Picking the Best Bitcoin Casino: Red Flags

In the light of today’s variety of the existing gaming spots, how to decide on the most worthwhile venue? There is an array of factors to pay attention to when stepping onto the path of playing at any casino online. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, reading a casino review can actually tell a lot about the platform it is dedicated to; moreover, you’ll be able to save a good deal long before you start losing on a scammy website.
Now, let’s spill the beans and define such a notion as “scam.” Scam is a general term to describe an ill-begotten crypto casino that gladly accepts players’ deposits but they never see any withdrawals. Scam is a synonym of fraud; so, once you decide it’s a good idea to risk your altcoins on a gambling spot, make sure to google it first. If you see a bajillion of links looking like [casino name] + scam/fraud, then you better get going, as this web spot is probably not on the good side. Next, don’t be lazy and check a couple of more pages of Google search results except for the first one. The question “Is [casino name] legit?” can also be indicative of a portal’s unreliability, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too.
If you think that the ratings are created “as is,” we are terribly sorry to disappoint you here. Some of the ratings and casino rankings are pre-paid, meaning the owners or operators of a blockchain casino have donated a lump sum to make it into a Top 10. So, how do you know for sure if it’s trustworthy or not? Sadly, you can never know it for sure. Any kind of gambling is risky in its own way. However, you can still learn a ton of useful information and meaningful casino details from user feedbacks.
Forums are a great place to fish out a netful of data, especially if you know what to look for. In the majority of cases, punters and casino players are glad to share their experience of this or that gambling spot in their own casino review. The main indices that fall into the spotlight are the provable fairness, games range, casino bonuses and VIP programs, available features, site/app user-friendliness, deposit and withdrawal conditions, payment methods, security and privacy protection, anonymity, and speed of page loading. We highly recommend you reading the money-related topics; for instance, cashout details, limits for a single transaction, bonus accumulation, etc. By getting acknowledged with these run-of-the-mill details, you protect yourself from the potential dangers and malevolent consequences.

Picking the Best Bitcoin Casino: Perks

All right, enough of dark, let’s bring in some light. Blockchain casino is literally the avant-garde phenomenon in the entire industry. Owing to the benefits of cryptocurrency, the gaming process has seen a tremendous change. For starters, there’s a chance to play anonymously; you don’t have to reveal your identity to be able to gamble. Everything is kept on the low – never ever will a reputed online casino show up on your bank statement or send any materials to your home address. You can play it cool without risking your passion to be exposed.
Secondly, deposit-withdrawal options are more than satisfactory. Not to exaggerate, depositing is lightning-fast. Your coins are being sent to your casino account in as little as one flick. No queues, no hitches – the money gets into the system immediately and once it’s there, you can start gambling. When it comes to cashouts, the average withdrawal time depends on the currency you have chosen and the desired amount to be withdrawn. The conditions also vary from casino to casino, so make sure to check the conditions of the spot you are gambling at before requesting any large sums.
Thirdly, crypto gaming spots use the well-known algorithms of provable fairness and transparency of each gaming round. The possibility of scam is therefore reduced to a minimum, as nobody knows the outcome of their draw – it is just impossible to predict it! Many experienced gamblers swap their all-time favorite gambling spots in favor of blockchain-powered casinos with a lower house edge. By doing so, they minimize the risks of losses and boost their chances of winning. Be a smart newbie and adopt their example – it will surely bring more good than harm.
Last but not least, crypto-powered gambling spots can boast off a super-dedicated customer support that operates in many world languages, sometimes even your mother tongue! Your query will be covered in the shortest possible timeframe; plus, the explanation you get will be as detailed as possible.

The Final Word

Although blockchain is still deemed a “new” phenomenon, we are seeing it more blooming than ever. Thanks to its strengths, the world of online gambling has risen to the occasion, giving the players more perks and possibilities than one could imagine a decade ago. Blockchain casinos can be simply described with three words – solidity, transparency, longevity. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for punters of nowadays to bet their e-coins at specialized gaming venues with a mark “provably fair” heartily waving from the home page. But beware: gaming online is not all unicorns and rainbows. You should be 100% sure about the venue before you start your bet-and-win journey there. How’s that? Read casino reviews, go to trusted forums to get some knowledge from other users, and may the luck be with you!