Top Bitcoin Trading sites Review – Singapore 2020!

Binary Options
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Online money-making platform to deal with exchange operations courtesy of analytics and graphics in the real-time mode. In-built Economic Calendar tool able to adjust for customer’s needs for the best trading experience.


DAX Indices. Cryptocurrency. Commodity and currency pairs. Stocks of famed companies. Metal of value (gold, silver). At least $10 for deposit.
Withdrawal & Fees:
Universal payment options (VISA, MasterCard), credit cards. Free from extra commission
Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Bonus of $1,000

Cryptocurrency program for automatic placement of trading and exit that allows to pick valid results. The platform performs swift trading operations with a pinpoint accuracy rate.

Bitcoin Ethereum EOS Litecoin, Can be paired with fiat currencies like USD, EUR, NZD, CHF, CAD

Auto-exchange bot; High-speed trading operations; Multi-device support; User interface design tailored both for experts and beginners; Online helpdesk 24/7; Bitcoin Era Bonus: $1,000; Software Download: Free; Sophisticated SSL protocol Numerous technical indicators are available.
Withdrawal & Fees:
The minimum deposit of $250. The withdrawal process takes no more than 24 hours. Average possible amount to be earned $2,000 and $8000 weekly.
Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Revolution Bonus: $1,000

Bitcoin Revolution is an auto-trading system that empowers the constant flow of passive income.

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH)

Bitcoin Revolution Bonus: $1,000; Up to $1,300 per day; Software Download: Free; Online helpdesk 24/7; Guaranteed everyday profit; Multi-device support.
Withdrawal & Fees:
The platform is supported by licensed brokers. The lowest minimum deposit is $250. No limits for withdrawal amounts. The amount withdrawn is directly forwarded to the bank balance. The withdrawal of the earnings is available in 24 hours. No extra charges or hidden fees.
Bitcoin Evolution
$1,000 - Bitcoin Evolution Prize for Newcomers!

Cryptocurrency trading service with fully-robotized handeling of exchange operations. Tracks and matches the most profitable open positions and brings the most moneymaking.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Fiat exchange options USD, EUR, NZD, CHF, CAD

Real-time mode trading, $250 - Smallest deposit. Multi-language system. Commission-free. Payment-free registration. Daily income over $700
Withdrawal & Fees:
Average monthly profit $8,000-$9,000. Payment details for registered users. 100% Free site service usage No hidden fees.
Bitcoin Trader
$1,000 Gift for a Good Trading Start!

Swift and precise handling of exchange orders for entry-level and pro-level traders. The overall analysis of the current market prices and historical data collecting.

BTC (Bitcoin), XRP (Ripple)

Multi-device functioning. High-end SSL protocols. Smart Trading Bot. Daily income about $13,000. Day/Night Helpdesk. Advanced opporunities with unique formula. Install for Free.
Withdrawal & Fees:
Quick withdrawals to trader's bank account. Local currency converting. BTC withdrawal in 10 days. Initial fund: $250. No broker commission. No Sign In fees.

The topic that remains hype for the last 15 years is Blockchain technology, and any project built on it, automatically raise apparent interest. What’s the catch? And why this is the perfect background for cryptocurrency? Each and every financial operation is in need of a steady controlling and safe information storage while handling transactions. Blockchain, in its turn, does this job utterly well.

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency pioneer proved that the ledger-type audit of the whole network satisfies the security expectations of most customers. Each record is impossible to delete or change, plus the system is decentralized and all members get the transaction validation in their ledger. Probably the perfect approach for buy/sell operations. Furthermore, online transactions are rapid, unreserved with time, state authority, bank sector, or location of participants.

How to become a successful bitcoin trader?

Bitcoin became the synonym of the leading-edge technology that allures go-getters seeking for investment object.

However, newcomers would ask “how to invest money in cryptocurrency?” as this niche is the terra incognita for the majority.

Hereunder, we’ve gathered several bridging points to be aware of, and also get ready for day-to-day scrutiny.

  1. Pick the exchange platform. Dozens are available, several are worthwhile. Surfing the reviews can expose the specialty of the service and its tools.
  2. Fix on cryptocurrency type and fiat money you own or you’re going to get while trading.
  3. Examine Bitcoin’s recent positions and trends. Graphs and market conditions can broadcast the direction of running.
  4. Track down the best market prices to buy and sell. Catch the moment and take action, if not – keep on monitoring and wait for a better situation.
  5. Invest the spare money. Virtual money dealing includes risks. The chance of losing assets has a high probability.
  6. Upgrade your personal competence. Weight up your assets and choose the most lucrative currency pairs.

These are the basic points in the “how to earn money from crypto market” issue, let’s look inside functionality Bitcoin trader ought to have.

So, the day you decide to join the ranks of Bitcoin traders, your anxiety about money safeness should be canceled. Instead, the issue of picking the right platforms gets on the front side, along with nuances of trading performance.

Create an E-wallet. As Bitcoin is not the traditional fiat money, the trader won’t address any banking institution for its storage. Digital wallets were specially designed for that with a personal key for the owner and providing the multi-device access. Even though, some experts stress that crypto coins are safer and more private due to transactions’ anonymity, the quality of service provider matters. Who would agree to have an old leaky wallet?

Bitcoin Mining

There is a myth that the golden age of becoming the BC miner had passed. It’s false! Whether you are a ten-year-old veteran or aimed to start today, mining still goes on. It’s never too late!

And another myth is that BC mining is more like an incomprehensible riddle the only genius can solve. Nope! Enthusiasm, equipment, goal commitment, and expertise are the top required components. Cast back in mind the stories of the gold miners, they can encourage you.

Unlike real money issued by government or gold hidden in the ground depth, Bitcoin is the result of solving a mathematical equation. Sounds like something unreal and still hard to understand how to mine bitcoin. The miner who has software and hardware to process those tasks is rewarded with Bitcoin. The quite simple and smart way to generate one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency.

Just like the technologies of printing bank-notes move forward, the BC mining tools and software develop swiftly. The latest equipment versions have a higher power to process more complex algorithms. Bitcoin hunters can join mining pools, execute cloud mining or be solo miners, anyway, software should be compliant to demanded updates. As well as being able to display recent stats, hashrate, appropriate operating speed, and avoid overheating. Miners are costly enough but we are talking about money creation, who said it costs nothing?

Teamed up miners can achieve desired crypto coins by uniting their capabilities to complete tasks faster. In this case, the reward is distributed amid all mining pool participants.

Impressive perspectives, agree?

Now when you know the nature of mining, we’d like to unveil more about the Bitcoin trading scapes. Keep on reading!

Trading platforms

Active participants with available resources who are looking to try their hands at beating the market, have massive opportunities for unlimited online trading. Advancing opportunities provided by today’s cryptocurrency ecosystem aroused a massive interest of the Bitcoin traders and investors and allowed them to team up in testing the waters of how to buy and sell coins.

Why there exists a magnitude of interest in exchange services and their options? Is there a huge difference between investing and trading? How to smartly invest in cryptocurrencies? You have to conduct thorough research before investing your well-earned into a bunch of multi-faceted platforms.

  1. Trading

You have financial resources but no crypto assets yet.

Crypto trading embraces the act of buying as low as possible, selling at a higher price and making a profit. They are relatively short-term operations that involve high Bitcoin volatility. Trading operations are available 24/7 and even beginners can succeed.

  1. “Hodling” or investing.

Having cryptocurrency in stock, enthusiasts can keep it for a large time horizon waiting for a rise in prices regardless of market conditions. This approach is based on thorough technical analysis, patience, and far-sightedness on the investor’s part.

  1. Gambling.

Due to Bitcoin appealing features, it’s applied as ideal payment or betting means. Since Bitcoin ensures anonymity and security, it skyrocketed the appearance of new vistas in the gambling industry and enabled the advent of online gaming brands with exclusively Bitcoin emphasis. You may choose to bet, deposit, or win Bitcoins.

Let’s do a swift skim of several outstanding platforms that ring the bell with traders:

  • Bitfinex.  Since its inception in 2012, it became one of the top crypto exchanges over the globe. The platform is highly recognized for its trading volume, splendidly intuitive fashion, advanced security system, and low withdrawal and trading fees. Would suit everyone except US users.
  • Kraken. One of the few massive exchanges with impeccable goodwill for security. The very first crypto platform to introduce a Proof-of-Reserves system. The fees are reasonable but vary. There is no app.
  • Binance. The service is famous for its crypto-to-crypto exchange options. A large list of available cryptocurrencies.
  • CEX.IO exploded onto the crypto scene in 2013. Popular crypto exchange focused on trading a vast scope of digital assets. A great springboard both for advanced users and neophytes. Fees vary based on the currency.
  • Coinbase. One of the biggest crypto platforms with more than 30 million active users.  Arrived on the scene in 2012, it boasts a wide range of crypto coins and a comprehensive interface. The platform’s fees are quite high. Coinbase supports several fork projects.

When deciding between reliable exchange platforms, you have to consider the following keynote features:

  • two-factor authentication;
  • anti-fraud wallets;
  • crypto coins cold storage;
  • cross-platform coverage;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • fees;
  • payment details: deposit and withdrawal issues.

Whether you pick the platforms we highlighted or consider an extensive variety of other great platforms on your own, anyway first you have to clearly understand what you want. Investigate fair ratings and reviews from reputable market players. Check if your assets are safely placed.

What are the benefits of trading Bitcoin?

Bitcoin hit the headlines with its smarter-than-ever options:

  1. Bitcoin trading upended sending and receiving money and revolutionized the ability to share assets globally. The idea of going to physical banks and waiting while money transfers to be completed became archaic. E-wallet is designed to store and transfer the assets to any recipient all over the world.
  2. Transparency of financial operations. Any financial issues should be regulated. Bitcoin evolved this opportunity due to its blockchain nature and the ledger-book mode.
  3. Security. It’s impossible to track the sender’s ID, only the wallet number is available. The attempts to obtain digital assets illegally are interdicted by advanced security protocols.
  4. Low fees. Bitcoin operations are reasonable comparing with traditional banking options especially when it comes to high-value procedures. Performing crypto transactions in terms of exchange services participants pay strictly for a single option avoiding daylight robberies.

Yet, crypto investment is the riskiest out there. High volatility, the ways of currency storage, investment diversification should be researched to shut out doubts and pitfalls.

In closing

12 years ago, when the world was shaken by a crisis, cryptocurrency appeared at the right time and in the right place. Since then, it firmly stands its global financial ground and succeeds in reaching new heights.

Digital coins provide anonymity and safety of personal data, unlike with banking systems. As a result, they have turned the financial system upside down.

We have covered the keynote points, but there is still a lot to investigate. Snap it up to ride the crypto trading wave!