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Cryptocurrency is the hottest trend in the world of gambling. More and more companies appear offering initial coins. These are initial coin offering or ICO in which gambling and gaming business invest to raise money using the fundraising method. They first emerged in 2017 when many new digital coins were introduced to the casino industry. The hype was actively supported by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. who even promoted it for several companies.

The ICO funding rapidly takes over the technology sector, and it is less likely that it will be slowing down. According to Autonomous NEXT, over $4 billion has been raised through ICO by 2018. The majority of the companies involved are casinos. The gambling business gains a lot from cryptocurrencies and blockchain. One of the key benefits is the anonymity. Anonymous gambling attracts more players. Unlike gambling with fiat money, the crypto coins do not require identification when creating an account.

Although it is still risky to invest in ICOs, gambling projects with ICO prosper worldwide, supporting better financial channels, incentives, decentralization, and security. Below are the leading gambling ICO companies that take over the industry.

Top Gambling ICOs


This is a betting and prediction exchange based on a blockchain. The platform provides a totally new experience, offering a new user to operate as a bookmaker. This means anyone can take over the role, create markets, offer and place bets with odds that they determine themselves, and take part in the outcome results of a market. As a new customer, you’ll be dealing with the BP Token, which is established as the standard for betting transaction here.

On the BX.BET betting exchange, you can join or create your own public or private markets for betting using their BX token, which is implemented on the basis of the Ethereum technology. What’s more BX lets users get a complete control over the funds and transactions. The BX.BET ecosystem has proven to be trustworthy and transparent.


A global online and fantasy sports betting ecosystem based on the blockchain. It is a fully-integrated gaming platform that introduced a PlayChip Utility Token that is built on the basis of the Ethereum smart contract technology. These tokens are designed for universal reward systems and payments for betting and gaming. The exchange plans to form a foundation to simplify the decentralization of the existing platforms of their partners and allow sports bettors to contact, collect and compete.

This betting company has over a million players across 70 countries. Their tokens are used globally and they ensure trust, ease of use, transparency, and provably fair environment for sports betting and gaming. What’s more, PlayChip delivers a diverse experience that includes Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), eSports, and online gambling. Their global turnover is estimated to reach more than $59bn by 2019. As of now, the PlayChip token is used as a reward for with a value of $0.01. This amount can be easily converted to affiliate vouchers such as Amazon and Mastercard.

U Run It

The gambling platform works in a non-traditional way, providing its players with a full control over the casino. That’s to say, users manage all games, poker rooms, tables, slots, lotteries, and basically, earn a profit while hosting all games and controlling the house themselves.

Unlike common gambling platforms that attempt to attract new users with multiple rewards and bonus perks, URunIt challenges the established casino rules. Usually, players get quickly bored with an ordinary gambling routine, by watching how the casino gets everything, or how other gamers take everything from the less lucky ones. URunIt breaks these rules and lets users take control.

Each game here is managed by a particular player. Thus, everyone can become a games’ owner by participating in the draw. The draws are automatic and when the winner is determined, they pay a certain fee in URunIt tokens to confirm their ownership rights. A player sets parameters of the hosted game or tournament. In other words, each game is leased to a certain user who then monitors it and operates as a moderator for a specific period of time. When this period comes to an end, the owner gets the generated profit.

Alive Casino

This gambling community operates with an idea of “keeping things alive.” Their team is intended to ensure a thriving, secure, and living gaming experience for all gamblers. Alive Casino aims to work in such a way that lets casinos hold a greater share of the market. There are two main strategies that they use to achieve this goal: transparency secured by the blockchain technology, and a VR experience that also involves a real gambling experience via social media.

They prioritize the social aspect and integrate it into the casino at all levels. It takes advantage of the VR-technology and its latest development to provide players with an excellent gambling adventure. In this way, online casinos provide players with everything they may be offered in a physical casino while also allowing them to keep their anonymity. There is a 360° virtual view that players enjoy in 3D. This allows gamblers to interact with a dealer and chat with him in real time.


An international gambling platform based on the blockchain that was developed by real players who have an extensive experience in gambling. Gamblica allows each player to verify the algorithms used by the casino. The project is based on the integration of innovative solutions into blockchain technology and gambling. The GMBC tokens are issued in a limited number and no tokens will be issued after Token Sale. All payments are made using GMBC tokens only.

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